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Prescription Benefit Solution Improves Adherence and Refill Rates

Priyank Patel, owner of three pharmacies in the New York City area, wanted to speed up checking when a patient’s medication was not covered by a plan’s benefit or was prohibitively expensive. A technology enthusiast, Patel looked to a new, real-time Surescripts interface to his PrimeRx pharmacy system from Micro Merchant Systems.

[Podcast] PrimeRx™ Surescripts Interface For Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Priyank Patel, Pharm.D., talks in this podcast about his new PrimeRx pharmacy system's interface with Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit, which has cut Rx processing time by 75% by delivering patient-specific benefit and cost information in the electronic workflow.

[White Paper] Preparing Your Pharmacy for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

PrimeRx Pharmacy Management Software has made available a 13 page white paper diving into the current state of a COVID-19 vaccine and what your pharmacy can be doing to prepare to be an administration site. Download the white paper now for an overview of the vaccine development process, along with information about how pharmacies can prepare for their important role.

Micro Merchant Systems Offers Wireless Copay Processing

Pharmacies now have the ability to wirelessly collect patient copays through Micro Merchant Systems’ newly released PrimeRxPAY functionality. This provides a solution for pharmacies looking for a way to offer contactless transactions, with the added benefit of seamless records management.

Micro Merchant Systems

Micro Merchant Systems is a pharmacy technology company that has been servicing the needs of the independent pharmacy market for nearly 30 years. Thousands of pharmacies throughout the U.S and Puerto Rico trust Micro Merchant Systems to manage their retail, LTC, compounding, and specialty pharmacy technology needs. View the full listing to learn more.

Deploying Pharmacy Technology in the COVID-19 Response 

The industry continues its tremendous response to support pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association) town hall calls, resources...

PrimeRx Announces Immunization Registry Reporting via Direct SMP Integration

Micro Merchant Systems has announced its industry leading PrimeRx™ pharmacy management operating system now offers direct integration with Script Management Partners (SMP) for automated...