Micro Merchant Systems, developer of the industry leading PrimeRx™ pharmacy technology management system has announced a partnership with Benasource LLC, a leading provider of group purchasing opportunities for independent pharmacies.  Through this partnership, pharmacies have unique access to the comprehensive PrimeRx™ system which facilitates key benefits including enhanced workflow efficiency, improved pharmacy operations, and better patient care.

Micro Merchant Systems PrimeRx Pharmacy Management Software

The Windows-based PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System serves as a local or hosted platform for its innovative solution offerings.  Micro Merchant Systems is a leading provider of products, services, APPs, APIs, and vendor interfaces to keep pharmacies running at the peak of performance.
“We are proud to partner with Benasource as a way to allow more pharmacies to benefit from our PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management Solution Offerings,” said Ketan Mehta, chief executive officer of Micro Merchant Systems.  “Benasource has a proven track record of helping independent pharmacies expand their capabilities by providing access to leading industry products and services.  Mehta added, “our partnership with Benasource comes at an ideal time, as community pharmacies increase the scope and volume of patient vaccination services, medication adherence and safety, prescription delivery, and communication tools and other capabilities and efficiencies offered through PrimeRx™.”

Our PrimeRx™ pharmacy management software helps community pharmacists provide high-quality care to their patients, driving behavioral mindsets and improving health outcomes.

Florida-based Benasource works to empower locally-owned-and-operated pharmacies by providing access to premium products and services at a significantly discounted rate.  More than 135 independent pharmacies nationwide currently benefit from Benesource’s partnerships with vendors and suppliers that service the pharmacy industry.

“We are pleased to welcome Micro Merchant Systems and the comprehensive PrimeRx™ technology solution to our growing list of partners,” said Vinesh Darji, president of Benasource.  “Technology is at the heart of today’s busy pharmacies, and PrimeRx™ provides a superior solution that allows pharmacies to better serve their patients, and better manage pharmacy operations.”

“We are confident that our growing list of pharmacy members will embrace this unique access to PrimeRx™ as a way to add value and efficiency to their businesses,” Darji added.

Pharmacies interested in accessing PrimeRx™ through Benasource must first enroll in a Benasource membership program. To learn more about membership program options, please visit www.benasource.com.