Addressing the DIR (direct and indirect remuneration) problem pharmacies face, Micro Merchant Systems has added a planning tool to its PrimeRx system to allow pharmacies to anticipate DIR fees based on historical averages for a particular plan. With this planning tool, pharmacies get help with profit and cash management. The company published a white paper, “PBM Fees and the Pharmacy: Using Technology to Document and Analyze Bottom-line Impact.”

The company has also added integration with the Aries8 Pro SmartTablet by PAX to its PrimePOS system. This is the PAX PX7 replacement for Heartland Payment Systems. It enables highly secured payments that are processed within PrimePOS. The SmartTablet is encased within a durable exterior that can withstand high-traffic retail use.

Among the features are: Powered by Android 7.1; Wi-Fi, Blue- tooth enabled; hybrid and contactless readers; HD 8-inch IPS touch-screen display; 2MP camera for QR and barcode scanning; optional swivel stand with integrated printer for standalone functionality; professional scanner and signature capture.