outpatient pharmacyThe outpatient pharmacy is a diverse setting with many opportunities for pharmacists to show their expertise in clinical management and patient care. From meds-to-beds programs, to coordinating the discharge process, to reducing hospital readmissions, pharmacists are in a prime position to serve as a key player in this healthcare setting.

A robust pharmacy management system enhanced by value-add services and tools, is the hub that gives pharmacists those tools to see how the various tests ordered and medications prescribed are interacting. They understand compliance keeps the patient at home. With the data in one place, which is definitely an issue in the complicated world of healthcare, pharmacists can develop a comprehensive strategy for the patient.

Of course, as a vendor in the pharmacy space, YOU know the technology is there to give the pharmacists the time they need to provide clinical services and lead change in their pharmacy.

Our Health-Systems Buyers Guide, published each fall, is a way to educate pharmacists that when they embrace technology, they become a key player in healthcare. The sponsored content format means you can give a full picture of the solutions that make a difference and are worth the pharmacists time and money.

Check out the 2018 Health-System Buyers Guide, and or get the details on the issue with this PDF:

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