Front-End Focus

Getting Good Advice

Zach Schultz, CarePro Pharmacies

“We use of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coaching program for help with analytics. We have a great business coach, Paul Satterfield, who has really helped us with the our analytics. We meet with him quarterly. He has access to some sophisticated tools that get some great data from our systems. Then we are able to use these insights monthly.”

“As we are looking at the data, we can make changes, and people are noticing. Our goal is to measure the financial impact of these changes over 60 or 90 days. We’re taking a continuous improvement mindset. We want to know how do we help our patients even a little bit more than we already do we continue to build on our relationships with them.”

“Another thing we’re excited about is the ability Good Neighbor Pharmacy offers us to benchmark our data against other retailers in the market. We can see what categories they are selling, what’s trending, and how are we doing in comparison with them.”

Mike LaCombe, Majoria Drugs

ECRS has a consulting service. We worked with them this summer to evaluate our database and help us implement a plan for automating our retail activities. We got with our team and our staff and they helped us develop the plan, which is fantastic, to really use these powerful tools in Catapult.”