Micro Merchant Systems received the 2019 Software Company of the Year award from the American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) for its PrimeRx system. The award, which is based on results of an industry-wide survey, honors PrimeRx for innovation, dedication, and best-in-class service, according to a release from the company. PrimeRx received almost 970 votes from APPA members. With customers in more than 30 states, and growth expected to mean all 50 states are represented in its customer base, PrimeRx is constantly innovating to give pharmacists the tools to be customer focused, says the company’s Ketan Mehta.

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ComputerTalk: Congratulations. Tell us about the award.

Ketan Mehta: It came as a surprise. APPA is a buying group with about 1,700 members. They did a survey of members, and almost 900 pharmacies said PrimeRx was their system of choice.

CT: What do you think led to this recognition?

Mehta: Our focus has always been customer support, and that’s not going to change. This validates our focus.

CT: What are some examples?

Mehta: When we were doing demos of eCare plans, we took feedback to make it much easier for people to generate the plans from within the system. If you look at the processes, pharmacists are worried about how they are going to do these new things, like CPESN, with everything else they are doing. We come out with an innovative solution that fits seamlessly with their workflow. It’s not additional work, it’s technology doing the work for them. Pharmacists are happy to participate in programs that let them have an impact. We package tools — like medication synchronization, creating schedules, refill reminders — and put them in a package where the pharmacists sees, “Oh, if I just follow the workflow, this will work for me.”

CT: How do you balance innovation with the fear of change in the pharmacy?

Mehta: There are a lot of changes coming down the road, such as the new SCRIPT standard that’s coming in January 2020. We try to learn what is coming, so we are ahead of the curve, and add those features now without changing the workflow.

CT: How do you get customers up to speed on what the system can do?

Mehta: There is a burden of learning with all these new initiatives, and to help with that we’ve been offering three levels of onboarding for new stores and offering monthly webinars customers can access through a portal, which means pharmacists can learn on their own time.

CT: What’s next from Micro Merchant?

Mehta: We want to offer technology that reaches the patient. Our next initiative is an app that lets patients look at their medication history as well as add prescriptions from other pharmacies. When the pharmacists fill a prescription, we do a DUR [drug utilization review] based on all medications, giving the pharmacist a holistic profile. We plan to add payment and tracking technology, as well as counseling and educational videos.

Through the last 30 years the one thing we have learned is that our focus is the customer, the industry is technology, and the domain is pharmacy. As long as we keep improving our technology in the domain, and keep on focusing on the customer, things will continue in a positive direction. CT