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The ROI of your Pharmacy Management Software During COVID-19

Stuck with clunky software, outdated technology, and limited integration? Is your pharmacy management system is simply holding you back at a time when your patients need you most? Learn how your pharmacy management solution should keep up during COVID-19 and that there is an ROI to switching to a better solution.

Pharmacies Have the Vaccines, But Do They Have the Time?

With a newfound focus and pressure on pharmacies and pharmacists as frontline healthcare providers, the industry needs to ensure these pharmacies are equipped to handle such demand. How can pharmacists streamline operations, reallocate their staff, and put a focus on immunization efforts? Pharmacy automation.

KL1Plus Automation Advances Community Hospital Pharmacy Programs

A major contributor to the success of Memorial Hospital’s outpatient pharmacy expansion is also the smallest and simplest: a Kirby Lester KL1Plus verification-plus-counting device for prescription verification and counting.

The Drive for Global Vaccination: Pharmacy’s Role in Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic

TRHC's Farah Madhat and Robert Alesiani on the tools community pharmacies are deploying to support the unprecedented efforts to roll out COVID-19 vaccines. From patient scheduling and intake to second-dose management, reporting, and community education, learn about how pharmacists are making it all work.

Biden Administration Urged to Enlisted Retired Pharmacists for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Pharmacies' COVID-19 vaccination efforts would get a significant boost by enlisting the services of retired pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. A group of ten pharmacy associations wrote to HHS in early February, seeking permission for pharmacists and technicians who left the workforce within the past five years to be allowed to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Accuracy Was Number One When Choosing A New Robot

In early 2020, Strickland began researching for a replacement pharmacy robotic dispenser. He found the newest Kirby Lester model, the KL-SR secure robot, and he found the prescription dispensing accuracy his pharmacy needed.

2021 Pharmacy Outlook: The Vendors Speak

A wide range of pharmacy technology industry executives and experts off their thoughts on the big changes to expect for pharmacy in 2021, what will make the biggest impact in the pharmacy market, and what adds value to the pharmacy and pharmacy technology systems.

Technology Investment Means New Roles for Hospital Pharmacists

Ten to 15 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to find a hospital’s pharmacy staff sequestered in the pharmacy, conferring with their provider colleagues by phone and focused entirely on dispensing and verifying the medication needs for their hospital. Today, thanks to a web of technology that connects the pharmacy to the hospital, you’re more likely to find pharmacists on the floor supporting providers in their medication decisions, not in the basement.

[Podcast] PrimeRx™ Surescripts Interface For Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Priyank Patel, Pharm.D., talks in this podcast about his new PrimeRx pharmacy system's interface with Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit, which has cut Rx processing time by 75% by delivering patient-specific benefit and cost information in the electronic workflow.

[VIDEO] Integra CDC COVID-19 Pharmacy Vaccine Weekly Updates

Integra has been running a weekly Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 Vaccine video series hosted by RedSail Technologies’ Richard Edmund, featuring RedSail Director of Pharmacy Professional Affairs Ed Vess, R.Ph., and OmniSYS Chief Innovation Officer David Pope, Pharm.D., CDE. Vess and Pope have been participating in weekly calls hosted by the CDC.