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by Larry Stephenson, VP, Strategic Sales, TDS

When faced with challenges, such as those presented by COVID-19, it quickly becomes clear how critical having a reliable pharmacy management solution is for your day-to-day operations. If your community pharmacy is unable to operate efficiently on a normal day, what happens when your drive-thru pickup requests suddenly double, or your phone is ringing off the hook with patients seeking vaccinations?

If you are stuck with clunky pharmacy software, outdated pharmacy technology, and limited integration, your pharmacy management system is simply holding you back at a time when your patients need you most.

Keep reading to learn how your pharmacy management solution should keep up during COVID-19 and that there is an ROI to switching to a better solution.

Tackle COVID-19 Challenges

Pharmacists have quickly developed new ways to safely serve patients while running profitable businesses during a pandemic, a time when they need the most support from their pharmacy management system.

Instead of spending your own time developing workarounds to meet the needs of your community pharmacy and patients, your pharmacy software should provide complete solutions to help you succeed.

    • Easy-to-implement curbside pickup, drive-thru, and delivery services
    • Communication tool to keep patients informed on prescription status
    • Customizable workflow to accommodate changing guidelines and compliance
    • Documentation, reporting, and billing capabilities for COVID-19 tests and vaccines

COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior in a permanent way with an increase in reliance on digital technology. Your pharmacy should be adapting to these changes, offering new and innovative ways to fill prescriptions, provide valuable health information, and connect with patients for clinical services. Adaptability and innovation are key when it comes to ensuring you are able to keep up with the latest industry advances and remain profitable.

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Is Your Workflow Working For You?

Each pharmacy is unique, catering to the specific needs of its community and patients. You should be free to set up your pharmacy to optimize transaction volume, employee workflow, and patient care as you see fit.

    • In-workflow clinical opportunities add revenue, synchronize medications, and improve patient adherence
    • Detailed reporting and analytics provide insight into your business, including pharmacy operations, inventory, and revenue
    • Automated refills, medication reminders, and consistent communication improve patient engagement and loyalty
    • Is your pharmacy management solution helping you succeed?

Switching pharmacy management solutions is most valuable when your current solution is hindering your business. Your pharmacy management system should wrap around your pharmacy, you shouldn’t have to work around your system. Transaction Data Systems is the industry-leading pharmacy software provider for community pharmacies with Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions.

Ensure your pharmacy software works for you instead of adapting your business to fit your software. When you switch to Rx30 or Computer-Rx, your pharmacy management software provides the tools and support needed for success.

    • Increase efficiency
    • Boost pharmacy revenue
    • Improve patient outcomes
    • Handle COVID-19 challenges
    • Expand your pharmacy operations


Save Time and Money


Time is one of the most valuable assets for a pharmacist. Caring for patients, managing your pharmacy operations, and staying up-to-date with the latest industry news leaves little time for anything else. Your pharmacy management software should help you make the most of your time every day.

Pharmacists see patients more than 13 times a year, which means your time is precious and in high demand. As experts and public health officials continue to acknowledge the important role of pharmacists in COVID-19 vaccine administration, pharmacists’ workload and expectations will increase. More patients will seek your help, expecting a variety of pharmacy and clinical services.

If your pharmacy software is out of date and missing new COVID-19 reporting requirements, it is holding you back. Think of how much time is wasted with each unnecessary keystroke, performing double-entry, or troubleshooting an issue. Poor performance slows down your entire pharmacy, costing you time and money.

With an optimized business, you can increase your efficiency and improve patient care. The right pharmacy management solution enables you to complete daily tasks faster, dedicate more one-on-one time with patients, and free up the time you need to add new revenue streams and increase your overall profitability.

The true ROI of switching pharmacy management solutions is achieving your goals. Explore the benefits TDS can bring to your business. Contact us today for a personalized demo of Rx30 or Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions. CT

Larry Stephenson currently serves as the Vice President of Strategic Sales at TDS.