Arete Pharmacy Network and Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma Join To Form AlignRx

Joint venture creates the largest independent PSAO in the nation

Arete Pharmacy Network, LLC, and Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma, Inc. (PPOk), have created joint venture called AlignRx, LLC, which is the nation’s largest independent pharmacy services administrative organization (PSAO). AlignRx will operate as a Public Benefit Limited Liability Corporation (PBLLC).

“The creation of AlignRx is an exciting milestone in the history of community pharmacy,” says Melanie Maxwell, president. “We have successfully created the first PSAO to incorporate two key operating philosophies. First, we are an independent PSAO that does not require pharmacy owners to purchase from a specific wholesaler or buying group. We believe in the importance of keeping buy-side and sell-side activities as independent decisions to promote transparency and accountability. Second, we chose to create AlignRx as a public benefit LLC so that pharmacy owners can trust that we will operate in ways that put the pharmacy first. The interest of AlignRx pharmacies will not come second to corporate shareholder interest as we see in other PSAO entities in the market.”

The AlignRx portfolio combines distinctive competencies that enhance pharmacy access to patients as well as opportunities to remain in-network through compliance. Additionally, the organization’s wholesaler-neutral approach protects pharmacy gains from longstanding relationships with primary wholesalers and serves as a key differentiator.