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Version 4.2B is now the latest version of the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy’s (ASAP) standard used to report drugs dispensed to prescription drug monitoring programs.

Version 4.2B addresses changes needed by PDMPs to improve the quality and scope of the data reported. Among the changes made to Version 4.2A in Version 4.2B were:

  • Increasing field lengths for patient address information.
  • Adding a new Patient ID qualifier code for vendor-specific identifiers such as those from Appriss Health, Experian, and LexisNexis.
  • Adding a new code to the Patient ID qualifier field to capture Veterinary Patient Microchip Number.
  • Adding two new codes to Treatment Type to account for Acute and Chronic Opioid Therapy.
  • Adding a new field to report the jurisdiction or state issuing the prescriber license number.

Other changes included wording changes to better describe use of codes and data fields.

Participating in the ASAP workgroup included 17 state PDMPs, pharmacy chains, pharmacy system vendors, and other stakeholders.

In order to provide ample time for the system vendors and chains to make the necessary software changes, Version 4.2B is not scheduled for implementation prior to December 2020.

You can order a copy of the new 4.2B PDMP IG here.

Version 4.2B of the ASAP standard is available upon request to prescription drug monitoring programs at no charge.