2022 Buyers Guide

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company, offers an all-inclusive adherence program that includes an array of compliance packaging solutions, workflow-enhancing software, and business development services that support profitability and growth.

Newest product or service: Medicine-On-Time’s Performance Program is designed to help members lower DIR fees and increase performance-based bonus opportunities using existing tools and third-party payer reporting.

Contact Details
11461 US Hwy 301 N, Suite 101, Thonotosassa, FL, 33592
(800) 722-8824

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What Are The Top Challenges Your Technology Will Help Pharmacists With in 2022?

Medicine-On-Time offers software technology that simplifies medication adherence for pharmacy staff. motNext adherence software organizes everything in one place and creates a proactive work environment allowing pharmacies to grow their adherence program and offer packaging solutions for any patient in any care setting.

What Do Pharmacies Like Most About Your Product/Service?

Medicine-On-Time member pharmacies see value in the growth opportunity that our products provide, the optimized workflow provided by our unique adherence software, and the increase in patient retention and patient outcomes. They also appreciate the supporting services provided by our Customer Support and Business Development teams.

How Do Your Systems/Services Improve Patient Safety or Outcomes?

Medicine-On-Time's MOT Complete system is proven to improve Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) scores for low-adherent patients by 30.2%, resulting in better outcomes for patients and higher quality metrics for pharmacies.

What Makes Your Systems/Services Different From Your Competitors' Offerings?

Medicine-On-Time goes beyond supplying compliance packaging products to pharmacies. Our all-inclusive membership program not only offers an array of solutions to help pharmacies service any patient in any care setting, it also includes workflow enhancing software as well as specialized services to help pharmacies optimize internal processes, improve marketing and business development efforts, and even lower DIR fees.

What does your company see as the strategic needs for pharmacy technology in the next three to five years?

As pharmacist and pharmacy technician roles continue to advance, and staffing becomes increasingly challenging, pharmacies will need technology that provides structure and predictability. motNext software offers the the tools to create this type of environment and drive a more sustainable adherence program.

Markets Served

  • Independents and Small Chains
  • Regional Chains
  • National Chains (including supermarkets/mass merchandisers)
  • Mail Order
  • Specialty
  • Hospital Outpatient
  • Assisted Living
  • Long-term Care (closed door and combo)
  • Correctional

Install Base

1,001 - 2,500

Offering Details: Checklist of Products and Services

Products or services that are designed and supported in-house

  • Workflow Software
  • Adherence Tools (software based)
  • Adherence Packaging
  • DIR Fee Management

Describe how your technology supports pharmacists providing COVID-19 vaccinations:

Medicine-On-Time products and services do not directly support pharmacists providing COVID- 19 vaccinations; however, Medicine-On-Time provides marketing materials pharmacy staff can utilize during these high-traffic opportunities to retain patients as long-term customers. Promotion of this service shows patients the value the pharmacy can provide, resulting in potential return business.

Other Product/Service Feature Details

Software-based Adherence Support

  • Synchronized refills
  • Workflow optimization as it pertains to medication adherence as well as charting forms and report

Tools to Address DIR Fees

  1. Assistance with reviewing and understanding CVS Caremark trimester reports and other payer reporting.
  2. Assistance with reviewing and understanding the EQuIPP Dashboard
  3. Support in marrying the data from the EQuIPP Dashboard, the PMS system, and third party payer reporting to target the right group of patients in an effort to lower DIR fees.
  4. Supply products that can be used by the pharmacy to improve medication adherence for low-performing patients.
  5. Tracking and follow-up on DIR fee mitigation progress

Professional Services to Help Pharmacies Optimize Prescription Fulfillment Process

motNext software optimizes workflow for pharmacy staff as it pertains to cycle-fill patients on compliance packaging. The software is designed to streamline the packaging process on a workflow calendar, creating a proactive and scheduled work environment. The software also simplifies even the most complex medication regimens for easy filling in compliance packaging and produces charting forms and reports that support medication adherence in any care setting

Trade Shows

  • National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Annual Convention
  • National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Multiple Locations Conference
  • AAP
  • Value Drug
  • GeriMed