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Not Your Father’s Toolbox: New Ready-to-Run Artificial Intelligence Business Tools

Next-generation artificial intelligence wonders tap into the technology’s ability to do a lot of the thinking and strategizing for you. Of course, it’s always your call if you want to trust an entity whose heart literally beats with all the warmth of an Intel or similar multiprocessor. But if you’re curious about what the future of what business software will look like for pharmacists, here’s a sampling of what’s coming down the pike.

The Patient Safety Act — Always One Day Closer to a Fatality?

To help improve patient safety and reduce misfills, everyone in the pharmacy must be involved in quality control; helping to identify missteps and errors, and being aware of sound-alike,look-alike drug fills, are ways to ensure you are taking proactive measures. The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (Patient Safety Act) requires that a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program be implemented. A CQI program is designed for detecting, documenting, analyzing, and preventing quality-related events (QREs), with the intent of preventing medication errors.
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Bill Lockwood, Chairman/Publisher

Digital Medicine

Apps are being put into play that connect patient data with physicians to keep an eye on such things as blood pressure, blood glucose, and body temperature. We also read a lot about precision medicine and how it’s changing outcomes. All this is technology based.
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Drug Utilization Alerts: Failures and Future Direction

A December 2016 Chicago Tribune exposé concerning pharmacists’ failure to counsel patients on potentially life-threatening drug interactions and prevent the filling of these prescriptions. Of the 255 pharmacies tested, 52% dispensed medication pairs without mentioning the interaction risks.
Marsha K. Millonig, B.Pharm., M.B.A. Catalyst Enterprises

The 21st Century Cures Act Will Have a Wide Impact

The act is composed of a number of provisions that are designed to improve and modernize different aspects of the healthcare system. The primary areas address acceleration of medical product discovery, development, and delivery. The act’s goal is to improve the health of Americans across a wide array of initiatives.