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Long-term care pharmacy, or LTC, serves residents of facilities such as nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, group homes, residential care settings, and retirement homes, including both skilled nursing facilities and non-skilled caregiver settings.

Industry Insider with Kevin Welch: Focus as the First Step to Success

Integra LTC Solutions and QS/1 President Kevin Welch talks with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood about his new role as CTO of J M Smith Corporation...
Orsula Knowlton, Pharm.D., M.B.A., is co-founder, president, and chief marketing/business development officer at Tabula Rasa HealthCare

Knowing the Score: Managing Cumulative Medication Risk

Orsula Knowlton, Pharm.D., M.B.A., is co-founder, president, and chief marketing/business development officer at Tabula Rasa HealthCare. She shares how the company’s Medication Risk Score...
Integra LTC Solutions director of product management Louie Foster

Managing LTC Pharmacy Complexity with Process Automation

A long-term care pharmacy staff’s day is filled with multiple, detailed, and repetitive processes that require constant time and attention, and even then can...
Wes Moffett, President, Printed Solutions

Know Your Options: Printing in Pharmacy

When we think of pharmacy technology, we typically think of improvements to robotics, pill counters, or IVR (interactive voice response). Printers are simply a means to...
Shan Bhide SoftWriters VP of technology

The Impact of Disruptive Technology

Shan Bhide joined SoftWriters earlier this year as VP of technology, where he will lead the product management, development, and quality assurance functions at...
Mitch Archer, Senior Systems Analyst, PioneerRx

8 Steps to Get The Most Out of Your Perpetual Inventory System

So you just installed a new inventory management system. All your worries are over because the computer magically does all the work, right? Far...
Don Brindisi, R.Ph., Masonic Villages Pharmacy TCGRx SmartCardRx

Technology-Guided Packaging: Better Med Organization at Masonic Villages

The Masonic Villages of Pennsylvania provide a full continuum of retirement living, personal care, and nursing services at five locations across the state. The Masonic...
Matthew Catanzaro, R.Ph. Director of Correctional Services, Diamond Pharmacy

Pharmacy System Metrics: Getting the Right Software, Hardware,  and Workflow

IT IS NO SECRET THAT PHARMACY margins are shrinking and pharmacists are expected to do more and more to try to keep up profits. In...

The Patient Safety Act — Always One Day Closer to a Fatality?

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for an outstanding safety performance yesterday. We are one day closer to our next fatal crash.” When...
Matt Noffsinger TCGRx

High-Volume Solutions: Questions To Ask and Success Stories

TCGRx EVP of Sales and Marketing Matt Noffsinger talks about what you should really be thinking about when you hear the term “high-volume dispensing” these days. And here he offers two questions to ask yourself before you talk to at tech vendor and two examples of pharmacies making the most of a step-wise approach to high-volume pharmacy.