Learn about how artificial intelligence can become augmented intelligence for automating and streamlining workflow steps in your pharmacy.

David Sellars, CEng, Principal, Product Innovations at DrFirst
David Sellars, CEng, Principal, Product Innovations, DrFirst

David Sellars, CEng, Principal, Product Innovations at DrFirst, has over 20 years of healthcare experience with a deep emphasis in Big Data, AI, healthcare interoperability, programming, and systems optimization.

In this Q&A, Sellars talks about how the increased use of clinical-grade AI, or artificial intelligence, as a part of augmented intelligence will free up your pharmacy staff to do more of what drew them to the profession in the first place, including counseling patients and collaborating with other clinicians so patients achieve the best results from their medications.

Learn how AI can automate pharmacy tasks such as:

  • Reading and confirming prescription data.
  • Entering missing information.
  • Matching the drug on your shelves to the NDC the prescriber used.
  • Converting sigs to the preferred nomenclature.

And more!