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Think Fast: Keeping Up with Drug Price Data

ComputerTalk’s Will Lockwood checks in with Trygve Anderson, Elsevier VP of commercial pharmacy, about drug price analytics and the dynamics of drug price data, including the impact that the millions of price changes in a typical year have on pharmacy and what you can do to ensure up-to-date drug price data in such a dynamic environment.

Meeting Pharmacy Purchasing Needs During a Crisis

A multiwholesaler analytics platform approach gives pharmacies the ability to shop for the best opportunities among wholesalers' catalogs by price, NDC specificity, package size, or general availability, while maintaining compliance with any contractual obligations that pharmacies may have with their primary vendor.

Keeping It Personal While Keeping Safe: Pandemic Response and Your Pharmacy POS System

Pharmacies are finding standard practices are being upended. In order to keep patients and staff safe, the transaction workflow must change to accommodate “social distancing.” A speedy transaction is more appreciated than ever. Your POS system can help with the efficiency. But you’re still the ingredient that makes it personal. Here are some ideas.

Independent, But Not Alone: Finding the “Unity” in Community

Community pharmacy has the potential to be the strongest, most influential group in healthcare, but it is no stranger to adversity. Between the retailers who are rumored to try their hand at pharmacy and the PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers) that are wreaking havoc on profits with clawbacks and DIR (direct and indirect remuneration) fees, independent owners have their work cut out for them. Now, more than ever, pharmacists need to be united in their efforts to stay ahead.

Trend to Watch: Adherence Packaging at Retail

Heather Martin, VP of sales for long-term care and retail markets at TCGRx, talks about a trend that community pharmacies need to know about: adherence packaging. Learn how you could use adherence packaging to build on the success you’re having with processes such as med sync.

When the Simplest Technology Is the Right Technology

The humble pill counter is the foot soldier of the community pharmacy. It’s come a long way since the first models of the 1970s — today’s counters are offered as either noncomputerized (in conjunction with scan-verifying first with your pharmacy management system), or a combination scan verification plus counting. Both levels eliminate tedious hand-counting, mistakes, and concerns about narcotics discrepancies. Tens of thousands of pharmacies have embraced the “KISS Principle” (keep it simple and straightforward) with their trusty tablet counter, especially when their computer system is handling the verification. Here are just a few examples.

Independent, But Not Alone: NCPA

As a pharmacy owner, it can feel like you’re out there on an island by yourself. It can be a lonely feeling because you’re dealing with problems, sometimes for the first time. You don’t have a point of reference. You don’t have a friend you can call up. There are just a lot of situations that take place as an independent pharmacy owner that you can’t look up on the internet — The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) helps independent pharmacy owners make those connections.