ComputerTalk Talks is a new feature we’re offering on ComputerTalk’s Facebook page to our followers and readers of our magazine. Each week we’ll post a topic from a recent issue and ask for questions or feedback. We hope to spark a dialogue and share resources among our readers.

This week we will talk about the idea of adding new communication tools to the pharmacy and how technological advances can have consequences we didn’t anticipate. This is ComputerTalk Founder and Publisher Bill Lockwood’s point in “Technology: Friend or Foe?” (you can read the entire column here). For example, the smart phone has created new connections to patients but it also gives more avenues for hackers to access private health data. According to the article, cybersecurity is the number-one problem in healthcare these days. How do you view the impact of the smart phone on your pharmacy business? Do you have an example of a benefit you hadn’t anticipated or is a “foe” in a way you haven’t anticipated?  Post at our Facebook page or below in the comments section. We will post response from Bill Lockwood in a week.