More From The May/June 2016 Cover Story

Eric RussoEric Russo, R.Ph., Hobbs Pharmacy

“We’ve found that people throw away the paper. We actually have some people who take their bottles out of their bag and ask us to shred everything else and they stick the bottles in their pockets. So there’s a time right there when we can engage people about electronic medication information as a resource. We ask them if digital information is okay. As we’ve stopped printing paper information, we’ve seen savings of between $1,200 and $1,400 over the last year from not using as much toner and paper. 

It ends up being a win-win. People aren’t getting paper that they don’t want and we believe they’re getting access to a better educational product. It is an opt-in program, and we worked with the the Florida board of pharmacy to get approval for this. And the cost savings are a nice bonus, but we see this first and foremost as a patient education and patient safety program.” CT