In this interview with PerceptiMed Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Terry Cater, we talk about the opportunity that the company’s scripClip pick-to-light will-call system creates for improving dispensing speed and accuracy while at the same time improving the customer experience.

ComputerTalk: How do pharmacists identify value in what they already do, and how do they capitalize on it?

Terry Cater, PerceptiMed, VP of Sales and Marketing

Terry Cater: The standard practice model for a successful pharmacy has been to focus on filling more and more prescriptions. While dispensing is still a critical element of success, it is clear you can’t fill your way to success.

The good news is that there are numerous ways for a pharmacy to add services for which they can be paid. This payment can come from a commercial third-party program, or increasingly from patients finding these new services valuable enough to pay for them out of pocket. 

Many pharmacies find they can capitalize on their foot traffic and profitably provide clinical services such as medication management, diabetes management, smoking cessation, point-of-care testing, and many other healthcare services that draw on their clinical skills and credibility. 

About PerceptiMed’s Terry Cater

Years with Company:

Expertise/Interests: Prior to joining PerceptiMed, Cater did consulting work helping pharmacies of all types be more successful. 

Favorite Aspect of Working in Pharmacy: Seeing pharmacy owners and managers find profitable ways to serve their patients.

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PerceptiMed’s core competency is improving dispensing speed and accuracy while at the same time improving the customer experience. Pharmacies using the scripClip™ pick-to-light will-call system find they have more time to interact with people. And as they interact with their patients, they are able to explain and deliver these new services and generate new streams of revenue. 

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CT: What existing technology should pharmacists use more often? 

Cater: Much could be done if pharmacist took fuller advantage of their current pharmacy computer systems. Pharmacy systems can provide information that will help them reach out to prescribers in their community, as well as study prescribing patterns. They can use the information to market new healthcare services to existing patients. By knowing who their best customers are, or the unique needs of key prescribers, they can market their services more effectively.

Any retail pharmacy not actively looking into how they can do point-of-care strep throat or flu testing is letting a great opportunity for customer service, and revenue, pass them buy. 

Of course, all of this implies extra work can be done in the same amount of time. Thus, focusing on using technology to improve workflow is critical. To completely close the loop on workflow, we believe the time has come for more pharmacies to automate the will-call area. 

CT: What should pharmacists know about solutions your company is offering now that can improve their business? 

Cater: The scripClip automated will-call system requires no remodeling and results in much faster, error-free retrieval, which improves both customer and employee satisfaction. 

The system is flexible and works with hanging bags, paper bags, and plastic totes — and the clip can even be put on the door of the refrigerator. 

One key, but often overlooked, economic benefit is the system’s ability to simplify return-to-stock. A few simple keystrokes and all prescriptions filled, but not picked up, light up for easy retrieval and review. 

It is rewarding for us to interface with so many pharmacy systems. It shows how well these tech companies value their clients and how responsive they are to their customers wants and needs. 

CT: Pharmacies continue to need to make tough decisions about where to invest to thrive. What are you doing to help a pharmacy understand if scripClip is the right investment? 

Cater: During the sales process we sometimes hear prospects say the scripClip system is expensive. While it does require a meaningful investment, the ROI [return on investment] is easy to calculate, and the improvement in customer service is immediate. Our account managers are happy to help you run the numbers and see for yourself that installing a scripClip system is a good investment for practically any pharmacy. CT