Front-End Focus

Marketing Idea: Throwing a Twitter Party

DJ Larson, Lehan Drugs

“We’ve held Twitter parties for new moms, where they could ask any question. We have our staff members answer the questions. The first time we did it, we had 700,000 people participate. This year it was close to one million. It was actually the same night as a presidential debate, and we were trending nationally on Twitter with our hashtag that night, which was pretty cool.”

“We do product giveaways during the Twitter parties, and this is a good time to ask your vendors to chip in with products. This is an example of the power of understanding your patients, understanding who they are, how they react to things, and where they have their conversations. Our new and expecting moms are on Twitter talking about hashtags, so that’s where we went to engage with them. We wouldn’t use Twitter to talk with our 65-year-old patients about DME. You have to be really nimble enough to understand that, hey you need to be over here marketing this way, but you’ve got to completely change your game over here when you market something else.”

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