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                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph">n<span class="Feat--body"> Innovation</span><span class="Feat--body">, makers of PharmASSIST pharmacy automation solutions, has signed a partnership agreement with </span><span class="Feat--body">IMA North America</span><span class="Feat--body">. The nonexclusive agreement will allow Innovation to integrate IMA’s Model 3410-DRS EKC automatic pill counter with the company’s high-volume pharmacy systems for central-fill and mail-order pharmacies.</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">“Helping the industry’s central-fill and mail-order facilities achieve their prescription throughput and patient safety goals is one of our top priorities. Our partnership with IMA for use of the EKC technology helps take our high-volume systems to yet another level of quality and productivity,” says Innovation’s COO, Tom Boyer. </span></p>