ScriptPro has taken steps to address the DIR (direct and indirect remuneration) fees, also referred to as clawbacks, through its centrally hosted Third Party Management System (TPMS). According to Mike Coughlin, ScriptPro CEO, the company has deployed functionality within TPMS to isolate DIR fees in the electronic data feeds, reporting the magnitude and which plans they are coming from. TPMS users are then able to see the size and trend of these fees, or clawbacks.

ScriptPro has since upgraded TPMS to link these clawbacks to related prescriptions and classify them by factors such as plan, group, BIN/PCN, and therapeutic class. This will serve as the basis for TPMS users to audit and challenge these fees.

Coughlin says that the next release of TPMS will predict future DIR fees based on daily prescription activity, so the charges can be accrued in liability and cost of sales for the period in which they are incurred, rather than coming as surprise adjustments after the accounting period is closed. This release, scheduled for November, will also reconcile actual DIR fees to accruals.