Integra has added functionality to its flagship workflow management product DocuTrack to comply with a new policy of the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy. The policy requires that a computer system be capable of displaying for review at least 600 orders per hour, according to Amylynn Johnston, pharmacy manager for Good Day Pharmacy in Johnstown, Colo. “If a pharmacy’s computer system is unable to comply with this regulation it must cease maintaining records electronically. It was going to be impossible to have an inspector key in 600 prescription numbers and view not only what we had in DocuTrack, but QS/1 as well, in one hour. We needed a system that mimicked the old-fashioned way of looking through prescription packets. Integra bridged this gap for us by creating Audit Assist,” says Johnston.

According to Johnston, Audit Assist is used to load a range of prescription numbers, sort the documents attached to them, and bring them up in order. The interface with the QS/1 system will bring up the linked prescriptions in that system at the same time.

Audit Assist will be available to the entire DocuTrack customer base in a general release of DocuTrack 6.