Mediware Information Systems, Inc., a portfolio company of TPG Capital, has announced its strategic transformation to WellSky, effectively merging more than 30 unique health care and human services brands. The name “WellSky” conveys both the company’s vision to elevate the quality of care through innovation and the breadth of its offerings across the continuum of care, including leading solutions and services for blood banks, home health agencies, hospices, rehab facilities, Area Agencies on Aging, and many others.

The new name, logo, look, and message reflect the evolution of this company since its founding in 1980, especially its strategic acquisitions over the last decade. Alignment under a single corporate brand allows WellSky’s leaders to outline an ambitious direction for the company’s future — focused on growth, investments in innovation, expanded partnerships, and unparalleled performance for customers.

“WellSky signifies a fundamental promise we make to our customers — that together we can realize care’s potential,” said Bill Miller, CEO of Mediware, now WellSky. “We stand at the forefront of innovation that will eliminate the fragmentation that exists in health and community care. As our customers face pressure to improve care delivery to every person they serve, WellSky will be there. We will be their trusted partner and the indispensable technology platform that will help them succeed.”

WellSky solutions support providers across four key settings of care: hospitals, homes, practices and facilities, and the community. By integrating its offerings under one brand, WellSky is better positioned to partner with providers and organizations to create and sustain communities that thrive. WellSky’s technologies enable health and human services providers to scale their service delivery efficiently — to manage costs and provide care for more people while also improving quality.

As increased regulation, provider consolidation, and value-based reimbursement drive rapid change in health care and human services, WellSky is investing nearly $50 million toward research and development so its customers can stay ahead.

“WellSky has the potential to reach more customers and to do more good than ever before. With its suite of smart, integrated solutions, WellSky will be able to help clients close significant gaps in health care delivery and human services,” said industry consultant Sharon Harder, President of C3 Advisors. “The market has been asking for this kind of leadership, and with a unified brand and exciting vision for the future, WellSky is poised to make an enormous, positive difference for both providers and patients.”

WellSky serves more than 10,000 customer sites, including the nation’s largest hospital systems, post-acute care franchises, state agencies, and human services organizations. Its customers are based in United States, as well as Canada, Ireland, Britain, South Africa, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Lebanon, and Singapore.

For more information, visit WellSky.com.