INDUSTRY WATCH: September/October 2014

Kirby Lester Survey Shows User Satisfaction

A survey conducted in July with Kirby Lester KL60 and KL100 robot users found overall improvement in pharmacy operations by 97% of those responding. Specific areas that the survey touched on, and the findings, included:

• 92% reported reduced time and stress during pharmacist check.

• 85% found that the robot saved five to 10 hours a week in technician labor alone.

• 78% reported that the robot enabled the pharmacy to increase its business, and 74% found that the pharmacy was able to increase its prescription volume without adding staff.

• 85% of the pharmacies processing as few as 150 to 200 prescriptions per day would reach a positive ROI with a Kirby Lester robot.

“The old rule of thumb stated that an ROI for a pharmacy robot was at 300 or more prescriptions a day. The KL60 changed the model completely,” says Christopher Thomsen, Kirby Lester VP for business development.