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Mitch Archer, Senior Systems Analyst, PioneerRx

8 Steps to Get The Most Out of Your Perpetual Inventory...

So you just installed a new inventory management system. All your worries are over because the computer magically does all the work, right? Far...

When the Simplest Technology Is the Right Technology

The humble pill counter is the foot soldier of the community pharmacy. It’s come a long way since the first models of the 1970s — today’s counters are offered as either noncomputerized (in conjunction with scan-verifying first with your pharmacy management system), or a combination scan verification plus counting. Both levels eliminate tedious hand-counting, mistakes, and concerns about narcotics discrepancies. Tens of thousands of pharmacies have embraced the “KISS Principle” (keep it simple and straightforward) with their trusty tablet counter, especially when their computer system is handling the verification. Here are just a few examples.

Making a Difference with Kirby Lester

Bartell Drugs is a family-owned, 65-pharmacy chain in Washington state’s Puget Sound region. Hand-counting prescriptions was the norm until 2015, when the company began installing Kirby Lester KL1Plus count-plus-verification devices. Chris Simard, pharmacy district manager, explains how Bartell standardized on this bench-level technology.

The Cost of Not Getting It Right

In this interview, Dave Johnson, vice president at Kirby Lester and a 15-year veteran of the community pharmacy industry, talks about one thing that he still doesn’t understand. Why would a pharmacy ever be okay with losing money, when easy, affordable technology could prevent it?

Kibry Lester Marks Anniversary

INDUSTRY WATCH: November/December 2015 Kirby Lester reported that this past September marked the 10th anniversary of the company being acquired by Garry Zage, who is...

Technology Financing: Considering the Options

Why two pharmacies decided to finance tabletop counters, how financing can help you maintain your cashflow while also getting the technology you need now, and some key areas of the process that you will want to give your full attention.

Study Shows Benefits of Scan Verification, Counting Technology

INDUSTRY WATCH: July/August 2015 Kirby Lester announced the results of a national study showing that community pharmacies using scan verification and counting technology prevented an...

Kirby Lester Sees Impact of Hydrocodone Reclassification

INDUSTRY WATCH: January/February 2015 Kirby Lester has found that the reclassification of hydrocodone as a Schedule II drug by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency caused a spike...

Central Fill Process and Logistics | Kinney Drugs

More from Kinney Drugs' Dave Adsit, R.Ph., director of pharmacy operations on how the pharmacy has built its central-fill process flows and logistics.

The Evolution of Central Fill

Central fill has evolved into an important way for pharmacies to standardize processes, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and most importantly, afford pharmacy staff the chance to step away from certain repetitive tasks and focus on the bigger picture. Find out how central fill is working for pharmacies with 100 locations or 10, and with pharmacy locations in a limited area or spread across several states.