INDUSTRY WATCH: November/December 2015
Kirby Lester reported that this past September marked the 10th anniversary of the company being acquired by Garry Zage, who is a pharmacist. Since the acquisition company has taken on a new life. Under Zage’s leadership six new products have been introduced, including the company’s best-selling KL1 and KL1Plus counting devices and the Kirby Lester highspeed mail order cell. The company also successfully entered the robotic dispensing market with 60-drug and 100-drug robotic dispensing systems.

A high water mark was reaching 40,000 customers and adding the 40th country in which Kirby Lester products are offered.

While the company became a division of Capsa Solutions in 2014, the entire executive team remained intact. “The stability of this team is extremely beneficial in all aspects of the business from product development, customer relations, customer support, and the operation of the company,” notes Zage.