Central Fill

  • Prescriptions flow initially into the base store.
  • Prescriptions are then pre-verified by the base-store pharmacist.
  • Prescriptions are sent to central fill based on promise time and inventory levels at central fill. 
  • Prescriptions go into the product dispensing queue, where technicians sort labels into baskets by patient.
  • Technicians then route them either to the high-volume dispensing area where the robotics are or the manual fill queue where counting is done using Kirby Lester KL1s. 
  • A pharmacist performs a full verification at central fill.
  • A receipt is generated and that and the product go to the packing area, where the orders are organized by store and loaded into totes.
  • Different internal delivery runs take place, based on store location. Depending upon logistics, some stores receive same-day delivery by 9 p.m., while other stores receive prescriptions early the next morning.
  • For outlying stores not supported by an internal courier, UPS picks up prescriptions for guaranteed next-day delivery after 4 pm.