Medical Plaza Selects Updox for Digital Marketing, Communications, and Patient Engagement

Next-Generation Updox Platform Helps Medical Plaza Pharmacy Acquire Customers, Engage Patients and Collaborate with Providers

Medical Plaza Pharmacy, a two-location pharmacy chain in northern Mississippi, has selected Updox, a healthcare collaboration platform that provides pharmacies with an all-in-one solution for acquiring new customers, engaging existing patients and collaborating with prescribers, to support them with communications, productivity and patient engagement solutions, as well as digital marketing and website services.

In addition to using Updox to manage electronic documents and patient communications, Medical Plaza Pharmacy switched from a legacy provider to Updox for digital marketing services and now enjoy the efficiencies of accessing solutions through an all-in-one collaboration platform, created specifically for clinical care.

“As forward-thinking pharmacies consider their future success, they are moving off of legacy platforms that don’t deliver the experience that both consumers and businesses expect from online marketing. We’re the leading technology partner for electronic communications and patient engagement across healthcare, traditionally for physicians and now for pharmacists. Our collaboration platform connects more than 50,000 providers and 150 million patients across the nation, using next-generation communications solutions such as Video chat, HIPAA-complaint text messaging and broadcast patient messaging,” says Michael Morgan, chief executive officer, Updox.

Digital marketing services and branded website, two new offerings from Updox, help pharmacies grow their digital presence to acquire new customers, engage patients and improve revenue. On average, people spend more than two hours a day on social networks and messaging. More than just quickly searching for business locations, consumers also use the internet to research reviews, engage in social media, learn information, share opinions and look at service offerings. Updox digital marketing services include social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), digital analytics and review management. Many pharmacies have an initial online presence but are now moving to a more comprehensive platform with solutions specifically designed for clinical healthcare. Branded website offers consumer-oriented features including patient education, HIPAA-compliance and analytics.

Andy Null Medical Plaza Pharmacy
Andy Null

“The first place anyone goes to for information is online so having a strong digital presence is essential in today’s market,” says Andy Null, R.Ph., manager, Medical Plaza Pharmacy. “We were looking for ways to become more efficient today and also grow future business across both our locations for continued success. Updox offered us a next generation clinically-based platform to promote our business services online so we can focus on face-to-face interaction with patients to answer questions, provide clinical care and support medication adherence and improved outcomes.”

Text messaging lets pharmacies connect with patients and prescribers simply and securely in what has become the consumer’’ most-preferred communications channel. The pharmacy can use text messages to notify patients when prescriptions are ready, send co-payment information, answer questions related to medications or quickly get additional information from prescribers when necessary without delaying prescription filling.

With document management from Updox, Medical Plaza Pharmacy eliminated costs for paper, toner and phone lines. Pharmacy communications arrive into a consolidated Updox inbox where they can be easily reviewed, routed and processed entirely electronically. Prescriptions, refill requests, information requests and prescriber notes can all be received and archived by the pharmacy, or shared between locations, in an efficient, easily managed manner.

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