Mutual Drug Establishes Mutual CPESN® Network

Initiative Builds on Pioneering Innovation of Community Pharmacies

Mutual Drug is excited to announce a new clinically integrated pharmacy provider network called Mutual CPESN. “The goals of the network align perfectly with Mutual Drug’s long-term mission of supporting community pharmacies,” said Patrick Brown, Mutual CPESN Lead Network Facilitator.

“We plan to improve the care delivered to North Carolina patients by integrating with multidisciplinary care teams and leveraging the skills and relationships of community pharmacies,” said Brown. “This collaboration will enable community pharmacies to play a greater role in patient care by providing intensive medication management and other patient-centered enhanced services. This approach will strengthen pharmacies financially while improving the quality and coordination of care delivered to North Carolinians.”

Mutual CPESN is an affiliated network of CPESN® USA, which currently serves 37 affiliated networks across 34 states. In addition to representing pharmacies in North Carolina, Mutual CPESN will work to support CPESN efforts in other states where Mutual Drug operates, including South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Mutual Drug provided start-up funding for Mutual CPESN, which will operate as a independent entity representing community pharmacies across North Carolina.

Integrating community pharmacies into care teams supporting complex patients was pioneered by Community Care of North Carolina, Inc. (CCNC) under a three-year cooperative agreement with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI.) Mutual CPESN will build on that experience for the benefit of North Carolina patients.

Participation in Mutual CPESN is open to all community pharmacies capable of meeting the participation standards set by both CPESN USA and Mutual CPESN.

“We look forward to working with plan sponsors, health insurance companies, managed care organizations and self-insured employers across North Carolina,” said Brown.“ We are confident that our participating pharmacies can improve the health of members and their dependents, as well as reduce the overall cost of health care.”

“It is an exciting time in the growth of Mutual CPESN and CPESN USA,” said Ashley Branham, PharmD, Director of Network Development with CPESN USA. “The CPESN network in North Carolina is making significant strides, and the enthusiasm around CPESN USA continues to build across the country. Other CPESN networks look to Mutual CPESN as a shining example of pharmacies providing high quality enhanced services to their patients.”

Patients across North Carolina can now find any of the growing number of high-performing, community-based pharmacies in the Mutual CPESN network by using the pharmacy locator application on