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Matching patient prescriptions to the right patient records can be a daunting task. Incorrect identification can occur anywhere on a patient’s healthcare journey from hospitals and labs to physician offices and pharmacies. It can be caused by:

  • Data incompatibility between health systems and pharmacies
  • Clerical errors such as misspelling of names
  • Lack of data standardization
  • Duplicate records that spread a patient’s data over multiple profiles

LexisNexis can match patient or member records to one of our LexID profiles and return a unique LexID number for each individual. In turn, these LexIDs allow healthcare organizations to identify duplicate records as well as match and merge like records. A LexID is more secure and unique than a Social Security Number identification system since it can’t be traced back to the individual. With the push for a universal patient identifier, LexID can help meet the need automated patient matching, relieving the burden and cost of manual matching on staff.

LexisNexis is proud to join the NCPDP UPI for the purpose of being used as a patient identifier within the pharmacy billing and e-prescribing transactions.