Free Book: “CBD: Expert Advice for Getting Started”

You can now request a free print copy of the book CBD: Expert Advice for Getting Started written by Frank Lombardo, R.Ph., pharmacist at Cook’s Pharmacy of Shavertown, Pa., and R. Jeffrey Hedges, compliance expert at R.J. Hedges & Associates.

Today, it seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing about CBD. It’s EVERYWHERE! The internet, health food stores, the corner store, fitness centers, grocery stores, vape shops — even gas stations.

Whether you are already an advocate and supplier for CBD or you are still trying to ascertain the best approach to bring it to your pharmacy, we’re offering you a great opportunity to help educate your customers about CBD. While CBD is not right for every patient, who best to recommend or caution a consumer like their pharmacist? Keep in mind, if they are not getting it from their local pharmacy, chances are they are not getting a high-quality product.

Topics Covered in CBD: Expert Advice for Getting Started:

  • What your doctor may not know about CBD
  • Finding a CBD company I was confident recommending
  • The top 5 reasons why CBD may have failed your expectations
  • CBD is everywhere, and millions are consuming it
  • The government’s patent on cannabinoids
  • Not all CBD oil is the same
  • Know what you are buying
  • Know where the hemp was grown
  • Extraction process and why it can be important
  • Verify the authenticity of your product
  • Certification of CBD products for marketing on the internet
  • The right questions to ask when researching CBD
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • How much CBD should I be taking?
  • A safer, natural, effective alternative
  • “Can I test positive on a drug analysis, if I’m taking CBD?”
  • The legality of CBD products
  • Caution: CBD use with medications