Synergy MedicalSynMed Ultra has developed SynMed Ultra, a new robot that the company has labeled the “first of its kind.”

SynMed Ultra maintains the same precision as SynMed’s pick-and-place technology, though now with three times the capacity to fill single dose and/or multidose blister cards. While maintaining a minimal footprint, SynMed Ultra allows a pharmacy or central-fill environment to produce 100+ multidose cards per hour with two operators. The system has been successfully in operation in a Canadian central-fill pharmacy since November 2015, with the first U.S. installation scheduled for September of this year.

“I am very proud of our new machine,” notes Jean Boutin, president and founder of Synergy Medical. “We are a small team of experienced individuals dedicated to being the industry standard in blister pack automation. There are over 300 SynMeds installed in North America, many of them in central-fill environments, many of which need further capacity still. The Ultra was developed and tested over the last three years to address this clear market need. No other solution exists that can offer the precision, speed, and flexibility of the Ultra.”