Epicor, partnering with Web Software, LLC, announced Epicor Scheduling+, a cloud-based workforce management platform to help independent retail businesses streamline labor management and reduce expenses. Epicor Scheduling+ software is built to optimize operations through the reduction of labor costs by ensuring proper staff coverage and minimizing scheduling and payroll errors with real-time business analysis.

According to the company, Epicor Scheduling+ software is an easy-to-use tool that is readily accessible from any Web browser or Web-enabled mobile device. The solution provides intelligent scheduling, time clock, and task management functionality. Also available through an advanced integration to the Epicor Eagle retail business management solution, the Epicor Scheduling+ application uses forecasted daily sales and transactions based on historical and real-time point-of-sale data.

“Labor is one of the largest expenses for a retailer, and many struggle to keep costs associated with their workforce in check,” says Matt Mullen, VP of strategy and product for Epicor Software. He sees Epicor Scheduling+ as an innovative tool that will drive retailers to focus more on customers and growing their business.