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Thompson Pharmacy Altoona PA

Refreshed Consumer Experiences with a “Connected Retail” Focus

Retail pharmacy is a highly specialized discipline that’s significantly different from exclusively prescription-focused operations. Big pharmacy chains have spent millions perfecting methods, practices, and technologies that allow them to attract new consumers, operate efficiently, and create a very positive consumer experience. And because today’s retail operations are expected to center on the consumer experience, most retailers are leaning on mobile technology to get the job done.
Zitomer Pharmacy, Madison Ave New York, NY

Zitomer Pharmacy Gains Strong Financial Improvements

Zitomer Pharmacy opened its doors in the 1950s as an upscale New York City pharmacy. Since then it has grown into a unique shopping destination and a landmark on Manhattan’s chic Upper East Side. Frank Vella, VP at Zitomer, describes why the business moved over to a new point-of-sale technology platform, and a few of the benefits it has gained as a result of the switch.

Is POS Business Tool the Essential for Pharmacy?

Fifteen or 20 years ago, point-of-sale systems were considered by many as “glorified cash registers,” and their primary benefit was in the front end. These days, as margins continue to decline, and pharmacy owners need to offer more services to their customers, the POS system has emerged as an essential business tool for a successful pharmacy.

Epicor Launches Gift and List Registry

INDUSTRY WATCH Epicor Launches Gift and List Registry for Eagle N Small to medium retailers can now converge digital and in-store worlds to boost sales and...

Business Intelligence and Point-of-Sale Systems

If you are running a pharmacy point-of-sale (POS) system, you are most likely collecting data that can be of great value to increasing store performance by helping you make educated decisions. Epicor Senior Product Manager Keith Lam talks with ComputerTalk’s Will Lockwood about the newest features and trends to look for in POS business intelligence.

Epicor Showcases Eagle N Series at NRF 2015

INDUSTRY WATCH Epicor Showcases Eagle N Series at NRF 2015 Next-Generation Retail Management Solution Enables Independent Retail Businesses to Maximize Growth Epicor Software Corporation today announced that...

Epicor Rolls Out Eagle N Series

INDUSTRY WATCH: September/October 2014 Epicor Rolls Out Eagle N Series The Epicor Eagle N Series is the company’s next-generation retail management software for independent retail businesses....

Epicor Adds to Client Base

INDUSTRY WATCH: July/August 2014 Epicor Adds to Client Base HomeTown Pharmacy, with more than 35 pharmacies located in Michigan and one in Indiana, has selected the...

What You Can and Should Be Doing With POS

Steve Bieszczat is senior VP of marketing at Epicor. He has been with the company for 25 years and has worked with POS for all of that time. He led the initiative to take Epicor into the pharmacy market, because he thought the market was under-served at POS. In this interview with ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood, Bieszczat talks about how he sees POS encompassing inventory, price, and margin management, as well as reporting. He outlines where pharmacies new to the technology should look for early ROI and where old hands with POS can turn to achieve new gains in productivity and efficiency, with particular emphasis on the impact POS can have in a multilocation business.