Tomas Diaz SaluMed PharmacyTomas Diaz, owner SaluMed Pharmacy, in Bay Shore, N.Y. had seen his business outgrow his homegrown POS system. With a high-volume front end and multistore locations, Diaz explains in the July/August Pharmacy Forward his decision to install the Epicor Eagle N Series (you can read the entire story here).

There are a few take aways from the feature worth noting. Many multistore locations struggle with pricing and inventory location at various locations. Having a point-of-sale system integrated in a network means inventory transfers and price updates occur immediately in all the stores. As pharmacy looks to other sources of revenue besides filling prescriptions, the front-end provides a place to generate revenue. The business analytics in a system like Epicor Eagle N Series gives Diaz access to accurate, real-time data to back up his business decisions to meet customer expectations and manage the front-end inventory. Diaz makes this point in our July/August cover story as well. “Retail probably generates half of our income,” he says. “When we update prices and inventory count in the system, it seamlessly and instantaneously updates that information across the business, keeping us accurate and consistent for our customers and our finances.”

Epicor is one of the point-of-sale system vendors featured in our 2018 Retail Buyers Guide. The company has provided front-end technology for more than 45 years — and today extends its features to include secure credit-card, FSA- and EBT-processing, and e-sginature capture; customer loyalty programs; tablet-based POS solutions; and expertise n HIPAA, PHI, and POS PCI compliance. Read the entire profile and get a detailed overview of the company’s interfaces here.

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