BestRx Pharmacy Software, the Oak Brook, Illinois based provider of pharmacy management systems and other related technology has announced it has developed an interface to support their customers using scripClip™. scripClip is the pick-to-light will-call management system developed by PerceptiMed that improves work-flow and patient safety by ensuring patients get the right prescription every time.

Hemal Desai BestRx
Hemal Desai

The interface between scripClip and BestRx was developed to support a pharmacy BestRx had just acquired, and the interface needed to be developed quickly. “For several years we have been following the impressive work that PerceptiMed has been doing with will-call automation and were looking forward to the opportunity to integrate with their system.” says Hemal Desai, President and CEO of BestRx “When Express Food and Pharmacy chose to switch to BestRx, they told us they were using scripClip so we reached out to PerceptiMed and quickly got to work on the integration. The team at PerceptiMed was great to work with and we were able to get the integration in place in time for the pharmacy’s switch over to BestRx.”

Dishank Patel, Pharm.D., and owner of Atlanta-based Express Food and Pharmacy says the two systems are functioning well and helping his pharmacy take even better care of patients. Patel says the system pays for itself in two ways. First, it dramatically speeds up the prescription dispensing process. Patients come to the counter, provide their birth date and the system tells the staff member how many bags that patient has waiting and what color LED to look for. The second is how the system can easily identify prescriptions that have not been picked up. “All we do is hit a button and scripts not picked up are easily identified. We call those patients and invite them to come and get their medications, or, we offer to deliver to them.”

Frank Starn CEO PerceptiMed
Frank Starn

Frank Starn, CEO of PerceptiMed says that working with BestRx represents another example of how leading pharmacy technology companies understand the importance of will-call automation. Starn says, “BestRx has well over a thousand installs. We look forward to working with the BestRx team to help many more of their accounts take advantage of the safety, accuracy and customer service benefits scripClip provides.” Starn adds with pharmacy margins dropping to historic lows that PerceptiMed is seeing a dramatic upturn in interest in scripClip as the system has proven to help improve efficiency as the system’s ability to quickly identify prescriptions not yet picked up facilitates reminder calls and simplifies return to stock. Starn says these two features alone cost-justify the system.