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BestRx Pharmacy Software offers independent pharmacies a user friendly, affordable and robust pharmacy management system that helps increase their overall efficiency as well as their bottom line.

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  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Workflow System
  • POS (Point-of-Sale) System
  • E-Signature Capture
  • DME MAC/Medicaid Billing/Claims Submission
  • Documentation and Billing for Immunizations
  • Mobile Smart Device Apps
  • Full Document Management (e.g., paperless send/receive, auto-routing, central
  • storage/retrieval, etc.)
  • Mobile Delivery Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Compounding Software
  • Long-Term Care Software
  • Adherence Packaging
  • Drug Visuals (Image of product dispensed as part of quality assurance process)
  • Off-Site Backup/Recovery
  • 340B Revenue and Inventory Accounting
  • Pharmacy Inventory Control System
  • Prescription Pricing
  • Electronic prior authorizations
  • Translation for LEP patients
  • Electronic medication administration record (eMAR)
  • Pharmacy Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Care Documentation Module


  • Will-call Bin Management
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Documentation and Billing
  • Documentation and Billing for Immunizations
  • Data Analytics/Business Intelligence
  • IVR
  • Patient Web Portal (for profile review)
  • Mobile Smart Device Apps
  • Mobile Delivery Tracking
  • Automated Counting
  • Robotic Dispensing
  • Telepharmacy
  • Long-Term Care Software
  • Specialty Pharmacy Software
  • Adherence Packaging
  • Preedit Services
  • Electronic prior authorizations
  • Translation for LEP patients
  • Electronic medication administration record (eMAR)
  • Pharmacy Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Care Documentation Module

Platforms and data exchange standards supported

Software updates and product enhancements

  • Weekly

Clinical services supported

  • Adherence Programs
  • Blood pressure monitoring

Software facilitates adherence with

  • Automation of outbound patient calls
  • Patient text messaging
  • Patient emails
  • Patient access to educational materials
  • Synchronized refills
  • Telepharmacy for counseling interactions with patients

Supports provision of the following enhanced pharmacy services

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  • Patient’s Chronic Medication Fill Dates
  • Collection of Vital Signs or Standardized Assessments (PHQ, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Medication Review
  • Home Delivery
  • Medication Synchronization Program
  • Medication Dispensing for Patients with Presumptive Medicaid Eligibility
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • Home Visits
  • Care Plan Development/Reinforcement
  • Point of Care Testing
  • Immunizations – Non-Medicaid
  • In Depth Counseling/Coaching
  • Multi-Lingual Provision of Services
  • Naloxone Dispensing
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Printout of Patient’s Personal Medication Record
  • Pre-filling Syringes for Oral Administration
  • Specialty Pharmacy Dispensing
  • Disease State Management Programs
  • Compounding, Sterile and/or Non-Sterile

Post-sale adherence systems support via

  • Marketing
  • Training

Clinical data accommodated in EHR or care documentation module

  • Diagnoses
  • Care plans
  • Medication lists from discharge

Mobile app features

  • Ordering refills
  • Order status
  • Pickup reminders
  • Clinical “push” messaging to patients
  • General marketing “push” messaging
  • Allowing patients to access their medication profiles
  • Allowing patients to access medication education materials

340B revenue and inventory top features

  • Set custom dispensing fees for 340B prescriptions.
  • Mark drugs, patient, prescribers and insurance plans with 340B indicator.
  • Option for combined or separate inventory management for 340B drugs as well as combined or separate EDI accounts with wholesaler.
  • Automatically send correct Basis of Cost and Submission Clarification Codes when submitting 340B prescriptions to insurance.
  • Can report to several different 340B agencies for billing purposes. Flexible when it comes to working with new 340B billing agencies.

Pharmacy inventory control system features

  • EDI interfaces with dozens of wholesaler for automated inventory replenishment.
  • Set “reorder” points for drugs to simplify the reordering process.
  • Warnings if you attempt to use a drug that is low in inventory or out of stock.
  • Set access rights to restrict users from tampering with inventory.
  • Mobile app and integrations with Eyecon and Kirby Lester that allow you to easily do a physical inventory.

Prescription pricing product features

  • Automated price updates from MediSpan.
  • Integration with Trxade for real time prescription pricing from multiple wholesalers.

Cost for:

Interfaces to products or services from other companies? Yes

Interfaces to your own products or services? Yes

Pharmacy management system features/functionalities included in base system

  • Workflow
  • DME MAC/Medicaid Billing/Claims Submission
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Documentation and Billing
  • Documentation and Billing for Immunizations
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Compounding Software
  • Drug Visuals (Image of product dispensed as part of quality assurance process)
  • 340B Revenue and Inventory Accounting
  • Prescription Pricing
  • Translation for LEP patients
  • System Backup and Restore
  • Patient Reminder Tools

Pharmacy software

Supports ICD-10 codes
Is audited and approved for e-prescribing of controlled substances

POS system features

  • Perpetual inventory
  • Price updates
  • Multiple-vendor EDI ordering
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Pseudoephedrine sales log/reporting
  • Moving inventory between locations
  • EMV-compliant hardware
  • Point-to-point encryption of payment data

Top five features of customer loyalty program

  • Fully included with our POS system, no interface with third party company required.
  • Set custom reward benchmark and coupon amounts for Rx sales and OTC sales.
  • Apply coupons instantly when benchmarks are met or allow customer to save coupons for future use.
  • Reports to show customer loyalty.
  • Print loyalty balance on customer receipt.

Number of EMVCo-certified equipment providers


Number of processors point-to-point encryption certified


Pharmacy, POS, and other system interfaces

  • Arete Pharmacy Network
  • Asembia (formerly Armada Health)
  • Ateb
  • Avery/Weigh-Tronix (Eyecon)
  • Change Healthcare
  • CoverMyMeds
  • Digital Pharmacist
  • FDS, Inc dba Freedom Data Services
  • FDS myDataMart
  • FDS eConcile
  • iMedicare
  • Kirby Lester
  • Med-Pass
  • Mevesi
  • Net-Rx
  • OmniSYS
  • Parata Systems
  • PDR Network
  • PharmaSmart
  • PrescribeWellness
  • RelayHealth
  • RxTran
  • ScriptPro
  • Surescripts
  • TCGRx
  • TeleManager Technologies
  • TelePharm
  • Updox
  • voiceTech
  • Vow Data
  • VUCA Health
  • Wolters Kluwer Health

Interfaces with companies offering pharmacies supporting services

  • AmerisourceBergen
  • Burlington Drug Company
  • Cardinal Health
  • Harvard Drug Group
  • HD Smith
  • Independent Pharmacy Cooperative
  • Kinray
  • McKesson Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Mirixa
  • Morris and Dickson
  • North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company
  • OutcomesMTM
  • Pharmacy First
  • Rochester Drug Co-op
  • Smith Drug
  • TriState Distribution
  • Value Drug Company
  • VFI Statement Processing

Adherence packaging interfaces

  • Manchac DOSIS
  • Medicine-On-Time
  • Omnicell
  • Parata Systems
  • TCGRx

Trade shows where you will exhibit in the next year

  • AmerisourceBergen ThoughtSpot
  • Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference
  • National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Annual Convention