PDX and DrFirst Collaborate to Reduce Prescription Abandonment

PDX and DrFirst address medication non-adherence together, to improve patient outcomes and boost pharmacy profitability.

By best estimates, patients who don’t adhere to their prescribed medication plans cost the U.S. health care system between $100 billion and $300 billion annually in likely avoidable healthcare services. These shocking numbers include the impact of the 20% to 30% percent of prescriptions that patients abandon at pharmacies. To tackle this widespread, preventable issue, PDX, Inc. and DrFirst are pleased to announce a joint effort to provide pharmacies with solutions designed to boost first-fill rates for new prescriptions and increase medication adherence.

“Prescriptions go unfilled in our country due to financial concerns, a lack of understanding of why a drug is needed, or sometimes just forgetting to get a script filled,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “Our partnership with PDX will focus on eliminating economic, behavioral, and clinical barriers to getting patients on their therapies … and keeping them there. We are excited to work together to bend the curve on prescription abandonment and help patients improve their health in the process.”

DrFirst is the nation’s leading provider of pricing transparency, e‐prescribing, and medication management solutions. They provide pharmacies with real-time access to patient data at the point of care to improve communication and collaboration across the patient’s care team. The company’s unique ability to leverage relationships across healthcare gives pharmacies the inter‐ industry connectivity needed to improve patient care and safety, enhance pharmacy workflow and grow in‐store profitability.

Leveraging its extensive experience and innovative pharmacy technology, PDX will work with DrFirst to introduce technology solutions to pharmacies aimed at increasing the fill rate of new prescriptions, increasing sales for pharmacies and improving patient lives. In addition to realizing increased revenue from new prescription sales, bringing more patients into the pharmacy means more opportunity for front-of-store sales.

“We look forward to working with DrFirst to help resolve an issue that is so prevalent in pharmacy today,” PDX vice president of clinical development, Trey Ferguson said. “By bringing together the connections and expertise DrFirst has on the prescriber side with PDX’s expertise on the pharmacy side, we believe we can effectively address primary medication non- adherence for the betterment of patient lives and for the pharmacy industry.”

The collaboration between PDX and DrFirst will keenly focus on reducing primary non- adherence, that is, driving first-fill rates for new prescriptions, to improve patient outcomes. The two companies will work together to help close the gap in patient care and drive patient engagement, while also asserting the role of pharmacy in the healthcare journey.