INDUSTRY WATCH: January/February 2014

Integra Expands Product Line

Logix is the newest addition to Integra’s comp ting ecosystem, a pharmacy-specific business automation tool that integrates with the company’s DocuTrack system. Logix automatically monitors search folders, triggers tasks, and completes processes currently done manually. 

With Logix, a pharmacy can automate refaxing on clarifications. If a response is not received within four hours, Logix will automatically refax it. The new system includes “guardrails” that prevent certain documentation from being completed until a pharmacist verifies it. Other features include simplifying policies and rules. For example, rules that employees have to remember, such as “Do not fax until 4 p.m.” can be automated, and STAT orders that are not viewed within 20 minutes of being received will be moved to an administrator search folder for Logix to generate an alert.

Integra also announced that Nextra, its pharmacy management system for closed-door institutional pharmacies, is being prepped for additional installs in several states, based on the success of the system in the Mississippi market. “The Nextra pharmacy system offers our customers solutions to increase efficiency, profit, and accuracy, and the overwhelming success of our initial installation is a testament to the dedication of our valued customers and internal team,” notes Ginna Sloan, product director for Nextra. Nextra is currently available for Integra customers only. The company will later announce its availability for general use.