PDX, Inc. has announced its predictive inventory management solution, Turn Rx.

Inventory maintenance is seamless through the use of dynamic order points, product linking, and flexible predictive algorithms designed to meet the needs of our clients. Inventory control is woven into the pharmacy routine workflow, enabling staff to conveniently perform cycle counts as a natural part of the filling process, eliminating the need for a dedicated task. Turn Rx provides an intuitive web user interface that enables a pharmacy business to manage and track inventory at a store and corporate level. Turn Rx automates the daily order process and provides the option to create store, region, or chain-level rules on inventory replenishment. Turn Rx is fully integrated with Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS) and has the flexibility to integrate with any wholesaler.

PDX, Inc. Vice President, Strategic Projects, John Foss, says “We have developed an inventory management solution that has access to thousands of data points, which in turn delivers an unmatched wealth of information to our customers to ultimately improve their bottom line.”

In addition, a pharmacy’s inventory landscape is easily viewable in near-real time through informative, customizable dashboards that utilize visualization tools to deliver a clear picture of inventory along with actionable inventory data to make better business decisions.