INDUSTRY WATCH: January/February 2014

Pharmacy First Offers Reconciliation Service

LibraRx Enterprise, a software-as-a-service application, is now available from Pharmacy First to take the busy work out of claims reconciliation for multiple-store owners and large chains. The service provides summary and detailed views that can drill down to the specific claim level.

LibraRx Enterprise can be used as a turnkey solution to support a pharmacy’s reconciliation team or as a service-based model with support from Pharmacy First’s reconciliation specialists. The service can process the X12N 835 electronic remittance advice at the corporate level and then create individual 835s for each store location. According to Pharmacy First, the service is ideal for clearing receivables in the pharmacy management system at the store level.

Setup is easy, with no additional hardware or software required. Pharmacy First will transfer and load receivables and payments into the system and automatically reconcile payments for reporting.