Micro Merchant Systems PrimeRx Pharmacy Management SoftwareMicro Merchant Systems has released version 3.06 of its PrimeRx software. Among the many enhancements in the latest version is a new electronic Rx exceptions report.

With this report, users will have the ability to identify, validate, and correct all instances in which data contained in existing records does not match data listed in incoming electronic prescriptions.

PrimeRx will automatically generate an exceptions report in which all inconsistencies are clearly identified. This will allow the user to specify the mismatch criteria against where the mismatch is detected. The user is then provided with options to tag a record for follow-up for verification or edit the record to correct the inconsistent data.

Once the edits are made, the system will reconcile the changes. When all the data inconsistencies have been addressed, the record will be removed from the exceptions report.

“As pharmacists become increasingly reliant on technology, they need to have full confidence in the pharmacy management system’s reporting and processing capabilities,” notes Ketan Mehta, CEO of Micro Merchant Systems. “The innovative PrimeRx exceptions report provides pharmacists with confidence that all data inconsistencies have been automatically flagged to help prevent dispensing errors and improve medication safety.”