90-Day Supply: A Growing Prescription Trend?

    ComputerTalk Pharmacy Technology Podcast
    ComputerTalk Pharmacy Technology Podcast
    90-Day Supply: A Growing Prescription Trend?

    In this ComputerTalk Podcast, we talk with Eyad Farah, vice president and general manager of Health Mart Atlas, a pharmacy services administration organization (PSAO).

    Farah discusses a recent phenomenon in community pharmacy, which is a shift from 30-day to 90-day prescription refills.

    We address the following topics around 90-day fills, in the context of the already difficult operating environment for community pharmacy:

    1. The root causes of this trend.
    2. Impact within the pharmacy, such as increases in efficiency but changes in reimbursements.
    3. How to address the impact through cash and revenue management and performance-based reimbursement options and to survive during this chaotic time
    4. Is a shift to 90-day fills here to stay or will patients go back to 30-day fills?





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