Clinical Services in the Pharmacy During COVID-19


    Hear what pharmacist Ghada Abdallah, R.Ph., has to say about why pharmacies with expertise in point-of-care testing and immunizations are a critical part of an all-hands-on-deck response to the COVID-19 crisis our nation is facing. Many state pharmacy associations are providing guidance to pharmacies in their state on how to safely conduct COVID-19 testing in their stores. Point-of-care testing is a newer clinical service that some pharmacies have adopted for such diseases as influenza, strep throat, and now COVID-19. Abdallah discusses her experience setting up successful immunization programs and outlines what you need to know to do the same.

    Ghada Abdallah R.Ph.Ghada Abdallah, R.Ph., is a clinical pharmacist at Beaumont Health in Royal Oak, Mich., and an independent pharmacy and business consultant. Prior to joining Beaumont she owned and operated her own pharmacies for 11 years. She is passionate about independent pharmacy, specifically in the areas of immunization, addiction, mental health, and end of life care.



    Clinical Services in the Pharmacy During COVID-19
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