Competing on Convenience, Winning Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

    John King CEO OmniSYS
    OmniSYS CEO John King
    ComputerTalk Pharmacy Technology Podcast
    ComputerTalk Pharmacy Technology Podcast
    Competing on Convenience, Winning Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

    Whatever technology your pharmacy invests in, it should enable a personalized and cohesive brand experience that enables you to engage patients on their terms.

    ADVOCATES OF RETAIL pharmacy often reference the fact that 96% of Americans live within five miles of a local pharmacy — the inference being that physical proximity provides convenience and ready access to quality, affordable healthcare. And while this may be true, it masks an emerging issue that pharmacies must address if they want to remain competitive and thrive in the future. That issue is the changing nature of how consumers define convenience.

    Learn from John King, CEO of OmniSYS:

    • Why a virtual storefront is the new standard of convenience.
    • Why it’s time to leave paper behind.
    • How the right patient communication technology can, and should, help you stand apart from the competition and personalize your patient’s experience.
    • What it means that market data shows that consumers are rapidly adopting voice assistant technology, although pharmacies are not yet capitalizing on it.
    • And why convenience is no longer simply a matter of physical proximity.


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