2021 Buyers Guide


We are a healthcare technology company, empowering pharmacists and their patients by improving the way healthcare is delivered, making it more affordable and accessible.

Newest product or service: Free COVID-19 vaccine scheduling solution. This scheduling solution is designed for pharmacists by pharmacists to provide the security, flexibility, and ease-of-use required to deliver vaccines.

Contact Details
PO Box 403, Redmond, WA 98073

What Are the Top Challenges Your Technology Will Help Pharmacists With in 2021?

Most scheduling tools out there today are not made for the specific and unique needs pharmacists have. Ours is tailor made for the unique requirements of COVID-19 and pharmacists.

What Do Pharmacies Like Most About Your Product/Service?

The waitlist function: They love they have full control of who they are inviting to book an appointment.

How Do Your Systems/Services Improve Patient Safety or Outcomes?

The simple patient experience is fully integrated, with no app to download, this minimizes time at the pharmacy.

What Makes Your Systems/Services Different From Your Competitors' Offerings?

Prescryptive Health only offering that gives the pharmacy full control over their waitlist and vaccine inventory.

Markets Served

  • Independents and Small Chains
  • Regional Chains
  • Specialty

Offering Details: Products and Services

Products (i.e., something that is designed and supported in-house)

  • Vaccine scheduling service
  • Access from any desktop, mobile or tablet

Describe how your technology supports pharmacists providing COVID-19 vaccinations:

Full pharmacy control over vaccine waitlist and vaccine inventory.

Platforms And Data Exchange Standards Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android

Ratio of Customers to Support Staff


Process for Addressing Customer Requested Changes or Features

We love feedback, and constantly evolve our product based on pharmacy needs. You can email us at any time.

Trade Shows

Prescryptive Health plans to create a presence at pharmacy conferences and trade shows when they resume. Stay tuned!