INDUSTRY WATCH: September/October 2015

QS/1 Adds More System Value

In a collaborative agreement with Integra, QS/1 now offers an interface for PrimeCare and Integra’s DocuTrack eRx module. This will allow QS/1 to pass a copy of all incoming e-prescriptions into DocuTrack.

DocuTrack’s eRx module allows DocuTrack to receive a copy of 10.6 transactions, passing them through the same workflow process rules that apply to incoming faxes. When ready to process a 10.6 transaction, Docu- Track is able to send it automatically to the PrimeCare eRx queue.

QS/1 is also partnering with FDS to provide additional resources to improve a pharmacy’s five-star rating. QS/1 customers will have access to FDS’s myDataMart, a business intelligence tool that gives a detailed analysis of a pharmacy’s operations.

While QS/1 systems include many features to improve a pharmacy’s five-star rating, adding myDataMart can enhance those features with an array of dashboards and graphical reports to help manage patient adherence.