Qualanex, a company that specializes in reverse logistics services, has introduced Qosk, an innovative technology for how trade returns and recalls are managed. Phase one of this technology, Qosk Decision Support System (DSS), was made available in May. DSS will allow pharmacies to improve profits and processes in managing trade returns and recalls. This is a web-based system that can be accessed from the pharmacy’s existing browser.

Features include:

  • Manufacturer return-goods policies.
  • State-level prescription waste characterization database.
  • Prescription drug and over-the-counter database with 200,000 products.
  • Aging/return-to-stock analytics with notification upon credit eligibility.
  • 2D barcode data capture for serialization.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Electronic recall notification.

“Rather than move trade returns around multiple times to be handled by multiple processors to determine if an item is creditable, Qosk technology makes that determination before the product is shipped. The concept is to move the data, not the product, which will provide benefits of lower costs, expedited processing, and credit reconciliation, while ensuring compliance and minimizing the chance for diversion,” notes Dan Ezell, Qualanex executive VP for business development. More information on DSS, including the benefits to pharmacy, can be found at sales@qualanex.com.