11 October 2017

The NCPA Annual Convention begins Oct. 14 in Orlando, and in addition to educational sessions, networking, and business takeaways, several hundred vendors are expected in the exhibit hall, covering a range of services that can help your pharmacy (see the exhibit hall layout here). Our columnist George Pennebaker wrote a column on the best way to manage attending a conference, with his usual wit and humor, in our Jan/Feb 2015 issue. You can read the entire column here. In addition to staying hydrated and having your business cards handy, he gives specific advice on navigating the exhibit hall:

  • Get to know the vendors, gather information about new products, new ideas, and new ways of doing things.
  • If the piece of equipment you’re looking at is complicated, make sure you and the people you will work with get each other. You’ll be talking a lot.
  • Make a list of what’s important to you, and take copies. Then you can leave that list with vendors. 
  • Ask good questions –  vendors like this!
  • At the end of the day, review what you have learned. If you have questions, go back the next day and ask them.

Below are two pharmacy management companies and one digital marketing company who are featured in our weekly newsletter and at our Buyers Guide directory. Find a complete list of vendors* here

Health Business Systems

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HBS is a leader in pharmacy technology because we deliver more than software. Our unique position in the marketplace, offering applications for all facets of pharmacy, enables us to bring added value to each pharmacy. Starting with a solid foundation, HBS™ pharmacy software offers each technology suite offers options designed to enhance the productivity of any pharmacy.

Digital Pharmacist

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Scalable, patient-facing digital marketing and communication products, including branded mobile apps and websites and on-demand IVR and iRefill messaging.


Pharmacy Management Systems for retail, outpatient and LTC pharmacies to assist pharmacists in filling prescriptions more efficiently and billing third-party insurance while improving customer service.

by Maggie Lockwood, maggie@computertalk.com

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