Al Roberts, Pharm.D., and Travis Hale, Pharm.D., co-owners of Remington Drugs in Remington, Va.
Al Roberts, Pharm.D., and Travis Hale, Pharm.D.

Remington Drug Company has a rich history of serving the community and it’s patients for over the last 100 years, offering superior service to our patients, and updating our technology to remain relevant in an ever changing pharmacy landscape.

It would be hard to identify a single change which has had an overwhelming effect on our success but certainly connecting with new technologies allowing our pharmacy to “work smarter not harder” has been a real game changer.

Connecting with iMedicare (now Amplicare) several years ago is one technology addition that has really helped our pharmacy grow, benefit our patients, be successful, and help add a new revenue stream opportunity.

Amplicare’s ability to streamline the selection of Medicare D prescription plans during open enrollment and for newly eligible Medicare patients has been a tremendous value added service for our pharmacy. This platform allows our pharmacy to quickly assemble the information, share the information with the patient, and in some cases start the enrollment process with the selected plan during this visit in our pharmacy. Previously this process was a long, tedious, and sometimes confusing process through It has been a win-win for both our pharmacy and the patient.

Amplicare Restore is another Amplicare product integrated into our dispensing system that identifies patients on certain medications who may benefit from potential supplements to counteract depletions caused by their therapy, such as statin therapy and potential CoQ10 depletion. Our pharmacists are now able to quickly and effectively discuss this information with patients because they are alerted during the filling process. With this opportunity available, our pharmacy added several lines of pharmaceutical grade supplements/vitamins resulting in better patient care and an increase in nonprescription revenue for our pharmacy. As Amplicare continues to evolve and add new opportunities, our pharmacy has been able to expand our offerings while improving patient care at the same time. CT